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Established in 2005, Masjid Syyadina Omar Farookh (Anjuman Khadimul Muslimein) is one Toronto’s finest masajids. It was created to accommodate a growing population of Muslims and it moved beyond being neighbourhood mosque to multidimensional hub to unite the residents of the Greater Toronto Area. Soon after being established Masjid Omar Farookh housed a wide variety of religious and educational programs as well as highly needed social services.


Easy to reach by car and public transportation our masjid is open for the five daily prayers. Nearly 250 worshippers make up the Friday congregation for the Jumuah prayer. Our part-time madrasah employs a highly-qualified staff and has over 200 students. Our educational services are further enlarged with the implementation of a Hifz program. We recognize the need to complement education with healthy recreational activities for our youth. It was to this end that Masjid Omar Farookh host sports tournaments as well as drop-in sports. For our adult members, we host programs ranging from Qur’an learning, teaching and tafseer.


Masjid Omar Farookh has in the past and continues to be in the forefront to help victims of natural disasters around the world. We have raise funds for earthquakes, helped war stricken, or sick Muslims around the world. We are also open to partnership with other humanitarian organizations and are willing to play our part in providing humanitarian relief. Masjid Omar Farookh understands it’s vital and potential role it plays domestically, and thus is an active participant in providing both financial and social support to local communities as well as abroad.


Masjid Omar Farookh is committed to provide quality services to members of our community. The community’s contribution is essential in this time of tremendous growth and progress. Come and join the effort as we all grow together.

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